Pieter Vandenbroucke,


MSc in Commercial Engineering and MSc in Global Management by training, Pieter Vandenbroucke decided to change course and live and work for his true passion: wildlife adventure and the great outdoors. 

Pieter, now a certified trails guide with qualifications in South Africa and Kenya, focuses on top of market, high quality guiding, with a specialization in active safaris.

With a broad range of experiences across the sub-Sahara African continent, Pieter helps you customize your next vacation to the style and activities you desire and can personally guide you during your expeditions.


  • On 27th of May 2019, the Belgian national Newspaper "Het Nieuwsblad" printed and published an article about Pieter's activities and experiences. Read it by clicking on the logo

  • In 2019 and 2020, the Belgian national Television channel "Eén" has a short pre-news Thursday-evening program on the life of Belgians abroad. Once in a while, Pieter is featured giving insights in his African life
In the press - Nieuwsblad - article on Sensing Africa's founder Pieter


  • Apprentice Field Guide

  • Apprentice Trails Guide

  • Advanced Rifle Handling

  • Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 2000

  • Handle and Use a Manually operated Rifle or Carbine

  • Handle and Use a Manually operated Rifle or Carbine for business purposes

  • Tracker L3

  • Wilderness First Aid L2

  • Navigation and Orientation

  • Viewing Potentially Dangerous Game

  • Kenya Professional Safari Guide Bronze


Anna Bijnslaan 7

8500 Kortrijk



+27 78 34 14 631 (SA)

+32 472 60 91 05 (BE + WHATSAPP)