Pieter Vandenbroucke, founder and owner of Sensing Africa, experienced and certified trails guide


Pieter Vandenbroucke,


MSc in Commercial Engineering and MSc in Global Management by training, Pieter Vandenbroucke decided to change course and live and work for his true passion: wildlife adventure and the great outdoors. 

Pieter, now a certified trails guide with qualifications in South Africa and Kenya, focuses on top of market, high quality guiding, with a specialization in active safaris.

With a broad range of experiences across the sub-Sahara African continent, Pieter helps you customize your next vacation to the style and activities you desire and can personally guide you during your expeditions.


  • On 27th of May 2019, the Belgian national Newspaper "Het Nieuwsblad" printed and published an article about Pieter's activities and experiences. Read it below (in Dutch)

  • In 2019 and 2020, the Belgian national Television channel "Eén" has a short pre-news Thursday-evening program on the life of Belgians abroad. Once in a while, Pieter is featured giving insights in his African life
In the press - Nieuwsblad - article on Sensing Africa's founder Pieter


  • Apprentice Field Guide

  • Apprentice Trails Guide

  • Advanced Rifle Handling

  • Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 2000

  • Handle and Use a Manually operated Rifle or Carbine

  • Handle and Use a Manually operated Rifle or Carbine for business purposes

  • Tracker L3

  • Wilderness First Aid L2

  • Navigation and Orientation

  • Viewing Potentially Dangerous Game

  • Kenya Professional Safari Guide Bronze


Anna Bijnslaan 7

8500 Kortrijk



+27 78 34 14 631 (SA)

+32 472 60 91 05 (BE + WHATSAPP)