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Horseback Safari

Mount your horse and discover the African wilderness in a truly unique way. Canter with giraffes, impala, elephants and many more! Opt-in for a full Horseback safari holiday or mix a few days into your package. You won't be disappointed! Be surprised how well the horses are adapted for the environment. Climb to high viewing points, let them graze on the plains while you enjoy a sundowner or herd cattle! The level of riding, environment and horse will be adapted to your experience.

Walking Safari - Trails

Without much doubt the most immersive bush experience and furthest away from modern life. Slowly making your way through the Savannah. You feel vulnerable, you feel alive. You use all your senses. You smell more, see more, understand more. Your skillful and trained guide makes this an amazingly interesting and safe experience. Stop to look at flowers, insects, birds, tracks and signs of animal activity, interpret animal behaviour and much more! You will make incredible approaches to wild animals. Don't worry, you don't have to be a marathon runner to go on a walking safari. Everything is tailored to your level of fitness. Multiple day hikes to a few hours, you'll be amazed.

Yoga Safari Retreats

Wake up as the sun rises over the horizon. In your mindful yoga moment you experience this even more intense. These retreats will give you the best of both worlds and stimulate you to relax, replenish and revive. Yoga, medidation and mindfulness will push your inner growth, while the wilderness surrounding you will bring you back to the essentials. You can combine your yoga retreat with walking, biking, horseback or regular safari. You'll go home another person. Make your own group of join an existing yoga retreat!

Mountainbike Safari

Lock your feet into your pedals, put on your helmet and position yourself on your steel (or carbon) stallion. Closer to the ground you experience the bush in a totally different way. Brake to analyse tracks and view many species of animal. Traverse dried out riverbeds, single track over rocky outcrops and ride to the sunset. From multi-day hardcore mountainbiking to few hour initiations. Everything is possible!

Jeep Safari

The most known safari method accessible to all. Enjoy the comfort of your vehicle while cruising through the bush. Stop for sundowners at a nice spot and enjoy your drink(s) while watching elephants. Go offroad and downhill. By engaging the low range of the 4x4, you'll go where you want to go. Beware of the branches though! Adventure guaranteed!