Join us from November 19th to 30th, 2024 for an unforgettable experience filled with cycling, hiking, safaris, and more.

Welcome to Sensing Africa

Where Extraordinary Adventures Await

Immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of Africa. From the beat of tribal drums to the roar of wildlife, every moment promises awe and wonder.

Personalized, Authentic Experiences

Our expert guides share their passion and knowledge, making your safari truly unique.

Majestic Wildlife

Witness lions, elephants, and giraffes in their natural habitats, from the Serengeti to the Okavango Delta.

Adventure and Comfort

Enjoy thrilling wildlife tracking and relaxing accommodations, perfectly balanced for your comfort.

Cultural Connections

Engage with local tribes and explore ancient traditions for a deeper connection with Africa.

Sustainable Tourism

We prioritize conservation, support local initiatives, and practice ethical tourism.

Tailored Safaris

Customize your journey with itineraries designed to fit your interests and preferences.

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Embark on an unforgettable safari with Sensing Africa. Let the magic of this captivating continent touch your soul.