Our Story

"I want to let people experience what I experienced during my time in the African wilderness"

Meet Pieter Vandenbroucke, the passionate founder of Sensing Africa, who decided to change the course of his life and pursue his true calling: wildlife adventure and the great outdoors. With a background in Commercial Engineering and Global Management, Pieter had initially worked in the international business world as a change and project manager. However, his heart yearned for something more profound.

Driven by his unwavering love for nature and wildlife, Pieter created Sensing Africa. He recognized that the beauty of the wilderness and the thrill of wildlife encounters were his true passions, and he wanted to share these experiences with others.

Pieter dedicated himself to rigorous training, seeking knowledge and expertise from multiple countries. Today, he is a certified trails guide with qualifications in South Africa and Kenya. His focus lies in providing top-of-the-market, high-quality guiding services, with a specialization in active safaris.

Having explored the diverse landscapes of the sub-Saharan African continent, Pieter's extensive experiences have become invaluable assets in customizing unforgettable vacations. 

With Sensing Africa, he invites you to embrace the wonders of Africa and create unforgettable memories in the heart of the wild.

Horseback safari in Nkomazi
Reading tracks in Blyderus
Explaining a termite mount in Balule
Horseback in Mashatu
Group picture of Wilderness Leadership Experience
Guiding in Makuleke
Elephant encounter in Pridelands
Assisting a tracking examn for guide students
Jeep safari in Pridelands
Reading lion tracks in Selati
Finding Lions in Balule
Horseback in Mashatu
Horseback in Mashatu
Horseback in the Waterberg
Horseback in Mashatu
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In the press

"Pieter stopped his office job and became safari guide in South-Africa"

On 27th of May 2019, the Belgian national Newspaper "Het Nieuwsblad" printed and published an article about Pieter's activities and experiences

Het Nieuwsblad is a Flemish Dutch-daily newspaper published by the Mediahuis group.

"Starter in the picture: Pieter Vandenbroucke goes Out of Africa"

On 16th of June 2022, Made in BE interviewed and published an article about Pieter's way of living.


Continuous Learning is key

Pieter Vandenbroucke, the founder of Sensing Africa, is not only a passionate adventurer but also a highly qualified and experienced guide. With a deep commitment to safety, knowledge, and delivering exceptional experiences, Pieter has obtained several guiding qualifications and certifications that make him an expert in his field.

Pieter's qualifications include:

  1. Field Guides Association Southern Africa Field Guide - Level 2: This certification demonstrates Pieter's comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the African bush and its wildlife. He is well-versed in identifying animal species, interpreting their behavior, and providing insightful information to safari-goers.
  2. Kenya Professional Safari Guide - Bronze Level: Pieter's expertise extends beyond South Africa as he has obtained the Kenya Professional Safari Guide certification. This qualification showcases his in-depth understanding of the Kenyan wilderness, its wildlife, and the local ecosystems.
  3. Field Guides Association Southern Africa Field Guide - Apprentice Trails Guide: Pieter's passion for active safaris led him to pursue the Apprentice Trails Guide qualification. This certification equips him with the necessary skills to lead adventurous trails, ensuring that clients have an immersive and thrilling experience while exploring the African wilderness.
  4. Advanced Rifle Handling: Pieter understands the importance of safety when encountering potentially dangerous game. His advanced rifle handling training equips him with the necessary skills to handle firearms responsibly and effectively in the wilderness.
  5. Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 2000: Committed to adhering to the highest safety standards, Pieter has extensive knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 2000, which governs the possession and use of firearms in South Africa.
  6. Tracker Academy - Level 3 Tracks & Signs, Level 2 Trailing: Pieter's dedication to providing an authentic and immersive safari experience led him to acquire tracking skills from the prestigious Tracker Academy. His expertise in interpreting tracks and signs, as well as trailing wildlife, enhances the overall safari experience.
  7. Wilderness First Aid Level 2: Safety is paramount in the African wilderness, and Pieter ensures that he is prepared for any situation. His Wilderness First Aid Level 2 certification equips him with the necessary skills to handle medical emergencies in remote locations, providing peace of mind to his clients.
  8. Navigation and Orientation: As an experienced guide, Pieter possesses exceptional navigation and orientation skills. Whether it's traversing vast savannahs or navigating dense forests, he ensures that every safari is conducted with precision and efficiency.
  9. Viewing Potentially Dangerous Game: Pieter's qualifications also include training in safely viewing and approaching potentially dangerous game. He understands the behavior and risks associated with encounters with these magnificent animals and takes every precaution to ensure a safe and memorable experience for his clients.

With his extensive qualifications, Pieter Vandenbroucke is not only a passionate guide but also a knowledgeable and safety-conscious professional. He brings his expertise to every safari, providing his clients with an unforgettable and secure adventure in the heart of Africa